Saturday, May 12, 2007

2007 Week 6 Predictions

Week six gives us lots of good inter-conference play as four of the five matches see East meet West. So far, the East has a great 6-2-3 record in these matches, but the West could make up a lot of ground over the next two days.

Chicago Fire (3-1-1) vs. Toronto FC (0-4-0)
Saturday - 3:30pm ET
TV: Fox Soccer Channel (3pm pre-game and 30-minute post-game shows), FSE, CBC

I'm working on this theory that goes something like 'the teams that fail to make the playoffs in the East will do so because they do not get the full 12 possible points against TFC this season.' With just a couple points normally being the deference between post season play and an early winter, this might just prove to be something. The Fire did not look good last week, but with TFC lacking just about any form of attack, they should be able to snag a full three from Canada.
Predictions: Me CF 2-1 TFC, Wife CF 1-2 TFC

Chivas USA (2-3-0) vs. Columbus Crew (1-1-3)
Saturday - 7:30pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

All Chivas's technical skill went for not last week as they were busy giving things away in the midfield. The Crew held tight against a very attack minded KC side, but could not make it last. The goats have depended too much on their opposition failing to score, thus giving them enough time to sneak a few in, to really threaten this year. The Crew lack offense, but with a defensive line that does not give much, they should be able to hold Chivas from exploding.
Predictions: Me Chivas 1-1 CC, Wife Chivas 0-3 CC

FC Dallas (2-3-1) vs. KC Wizards (4-1-0)
Saturday - 8:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

FCD is in a slump and needs to get some goals, but with Carlos Ruiz looking more like the '05 then '06 version of himself and Kenny Cooper never using his size to force openings, this might be a difficult task. However, they should find the KC backline a little looser with Jimmy Conrad keeping his broken jaw shut on the sidelines. The Wizards attack has looked much improved this season but so has Dallas's defense. It is hard to believe, but the main reason FCD has been competitive in their last three matches is their defense. This game sees the return of goalkeeper Dario Sala from his six game suspension. It will be interesting to see if he can keep the back as tight as it has been.
Predictions: Me FCD 1-3 KC, Wife FCD 2-1 KC

New England Revolution (3-1-2) vs. LA Galaxy (1-1-1)
Saturday - 10:30pm ET
TV: Direct Kick, HDNet
Internet: MLStv

The Revolution have been fantastic on the pitch the last three games as their technical skill has just exploded. LA has not played many league matches over the last month, but the last time we saw them, they were making some goat stew out of Chivas. This means that this game should be a very entertaining match. Michael Parkhurst should be the heart of New England's progress today while Landon Donovan will need to provide the power for LA. The winner of this match will probably be decided by whichever of these two players have the better night. Since this game is in LA, I've got to think the Galaxy will pull it out.
Predictions: NE 1-2 LA, Wife NE 1-2 LA

Colorado Rapids (2-2-2) vs. New York Red Bull (3-0-2)
Sunday - 3:00pm ET
TV: TeleFutura

What has happened to the Rapids? Every week they seem to look worse and worse. They routinely leave huge midfield gaps open and make odd choices on attack. They were able to drag out a tie on Thursday night against Real, but if they play at all like that in New York, the Bulls are going to have a field day. The big question for NY is keeper Ronald Waterreus as he is listed as questionable for the match due to an ankle sprain. If Jon Conway is in goal, the Rapids will have a much easier time of finding net. However, with the fire Clint Mathis is showing and the returned charm of Claudio Reyna in the center of things, New York should be able to correct any mistakes made by the backup.
Predictions: Me CR 0-3, Wife CR 2-3 NY

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