Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Support the Wizards; date Forward Willy Guadarrama

The Wizards have decided that marketing the team might be a good idea so they have come up with some 'cutting-edge' techniques.

“Our mantra this season is to ‘Get Close,’ and everything we can do to do that in both traditional and nontraditional methods are based around this,” Thomson said. “Our players are the biggest asset we have, as they are fun, smart, personable, well-spoken and good-looking. We capitalize on this at every opportunity.”

“Get Close” can mean:

•Checking out player Q&As posted regularly at www.kcwizards.com.

•Playing a “Singled Out”-style dating show in which a lucky woman can win a date with up-and-coming rookie Willy Guadarrama.

•Staying up on the team by paying $1.99 a month for Wizards news, stats, scores and more downloaded to your cell phone.

You've got to love the win a date with Willy Guadarrama idea. I wonder if it was his idea.

Anyway, the promotions will include TV and radio ads, billboards and ads at movie theaters.

All jokes aside, I've got to hand it to KC, after years of neglect, the new owners are trying to make something happen. The Wizards have a long way as far as fans are concerned, but little things like this will have nice results. There is no reason professional soccer in KC should be the death hole it has been for a couple years now.

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