Tuesday, April 17, 2007

San Jose Earthquakes stadium plans

The City of San Jose has released some information concerning a future home for the San Jose Earthquakes. This report basically just confirms all the information previously reported.

To sum up, Lew Wolff wants to build houses on an area currently zoned for industrial and commercial purposes. He will use the money from the sale to pay for a large portion of the new stadium that the Earthquakes will share with the San Jose State University football team.

However, Wolff needs the city to rezone the property before he can finalize the deal with San Jose State, who, in turn, need to finalize a deal with Wolff regarding the up to 25 acres of university land he will use for the project.

Both the city and university stressed that no taxpayer money will go into the actual building of the stadium, however the city will fund community fields around the site and the university will build other facilities.

It is looking like this will all come down to the City Council and their vote on the zoning change. From a distance, it sounds like they are willing to make the change, however with no vote yet taken, anything could happen. They are still waiting for the $10,000 traffic survey result and there will also need to be an environmental impact study.

You can read the full report here (link is a pdf).

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