Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When will the Crew announce the signing of Guillermo Barros Schelotto?

The rumors of Boca Juniors forward Guillermo Barros Schelotto signing with the Columbus Crew have been going strong for over a week now, but when will we finally get confirmation?

Initial reports said today would be the day for a press conference, however Schelotto himself called it off. There are a number of possible reasons such as visa requirements or not wanting to step on the Juan Pablo Angel news, but if he were to play on Thursday night, one would think the Crew would announce soon.

Could it be that Schelotto is having second thoughts? He told reporters that he had come to a financial deal equal to what he was getting with Boca, but had not decided either way.

For their part, the Crew is staying silent. With the MLS transfer deadline already past, one would think that if there is no news soon then this will be a fish that got away.

If Schelotto does come to the club, he stands a good chance of getting lots of minutes and being the main force in their attack. Like all the designated players, Schelotto is a little past his prime but he is far from totally spent. It would be a great thing for the league to see such a player in it.

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Blogger soccermad said...

According to reports from Argentina, Guille trained with Boca this morning. The word is that he will probably sign with Columbus, but continue playing in Argentina until April 29th. The speculation is that he'll be with Boca until then because that is the team's next home game. Thus he'll recieve the sending off he deserves. It looks like Thursday night is not going to happen.


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