Tuesday, April 17, 2007

De Rosario not feeling the love. Sign of things to come?

Dwayne De Rosario has refused to sign an extension of his contract unless Houston offers him a significant pay raise.

With the likes of Beckham, Blanco, Reyna and others coming into the league and making millions and with Donovan, Adu and Johnson already here doing the same, De Rosario seems to be asking what he needs to do to get a little respect.

"It's very frustrating. At the end of the day, the only thing I haven't accomplished is being MVP of the league, and I'm going to try to win it this year to get more leverage," said De Rosario, who's hoping another solid season will boost his chances of cashing in. "But can I get any more leverage? Two times I was runner-up for the MVP, and we came out champions last year."

In Dwayne De Rosario the league has one of their best stars yet he is paid only about $140,000 a year. MLS has grabbed headlines with their big international signings but they have also set the stage for a backlash from the majority of their players. How can someone of De Rosario's quality feel good when Juan Pablo Angel of the Red Bulls will earn more in just two-weeks then he will earn in a full year?

I don't think he is trying to get the same pay as the designated players, however being up there with Adu and Johnson would be fare and he has a point. If you had to pick one of the three over the last two-years, who would you go with? The others might look good in ads, but De Rosario has smoked them on the pitch.

I have no idea how this will end up but I'm sure this issue will service many times again.

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Anonymous Footie Fool said...

You had to see this coming when Becks signed. DeRosario deserves more.

1:04 AM  

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