Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Orange tide is coming

The largest pro sports convoy ever is set to happen this weekend as thousands of Houston Dynamo fans turn I-45 into the orange tide highway.

Gallery Furniture in Houston is organizing an event that will see the Dynamo faithful make the short 250-mile drive together as a group.

Anyone wanting to join in the event just needs to show up in their vehicle at Gallery Furniture (I-45N and Tidwell St., 6006 North Freeway, Houston, 77076) between 6:30-7am on Sunday.

Gallery will provide a free breakfast and supplies needed to help people decorate their cars in the Dynamo's colors.

At 7:30am the convoy will depart Houston and should arrive at Pizza Hut Park at 11:30am.

Once at the Hut, Gallery Furniture will treat all convoy participants with a free pre-game tailgate party. Food, courtesy of El Toro Restaurants, will be served but fans must bring their own beverages. Blue Ribbon Sausage has also stepped up to provide enough sausage on a bun for 500 people.

All convoy participants will also get a free Dynamo t-shirt.

There is no cost to join the convoy, so if you are in Houston and planning on making the trip, why not join in and get some free food and a t-shirt. Please note that you will still need to purchase a ticket to get into the Cup final.

If you want to learn more about the "Dynamo Convoy to Cup" visit the Dynamo's web site here or call 713.276.7500.

This is fantastic to see. Nothing like turning the whole day into an adventure to get the fans warmed up.

Update: If ABC or MLS does not have a camera crew covering this event, they are wasting a great opportunity to have some fantastic footage for both the game and future promotions. Think about the video of a hundred or more cars decked out in orange rolling down the highway. That would be good stuff.

Update 2: Joining the convoy just get even better as all members of the convoy will get to park for free at Pizza Hut Park. This represents a $20 savings. So join the convoy, get free breakfast, free car decorations, free t-shirt, free pre-game food and free parking. If you are in the Houston area and planning on going to the game, this seems like a no brainier.

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