Monday, November 06, 2006

Houston Celebrates - the video

It seems a few Houston fans have taken issue with a statement I made in my Conference Championships review post. The line that got me multiple emails compared the 23,000+ Dynamo fans to the almost 20,000 that filled RFK. It was "They might not have been as loud as their DC counterparts, but it is only their first year."

I was directed to this video put together by the Houston Chronicle as proof to the intensity of the Houston crowd.

The video does show a wonderful appreciation by the fans, and it is something special. My point was not to knock the Houston backers, just to point out that with 10 additional years the DC supporter clubs have developed a great community. The Dynamo are well on there way to reaching that level, but they are not there yet.

By the way, great job by the Houston Chronicle to put together a video like this. Showing the fan interest, while bringing a bit of backstage out into the open makes for wonderful coverage. Imagine what they could do if they were a broadcast media.

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