Monday, November 06, 2006

LA interested in Beckham; sky is blue

Updated here

In news that should bring shock to just about no one, Alexi Lalas said that his team would be interested in signing David Beckham if he decides to leave Real Madrid.

"A move for Beckham is not something we need to discuss at this point because he's under contract with Real," admitted Galaxy president and general manager Lalas. "But if that changes, and there's an opportunity, of course we'd be interested. There are thousands of clubs out there that would love to have a player of his caliber and the Los Angeles Galaxy is certainly one of them. For many people the Los Angeles Galaxy are looked upon as the jewel of MLS. We play in the best stadium, we have had incredible success over the history of the league and we have had great individual players and great teams. There is a tradition of excellence."

All Lalas is saying is if he becomes available, we would be interested in talking, yet the headline of the report is 'Galaxy ready to offer Beckham route out of Madrid.' Couldn't the same be said for many other teams around the world and hasn't Lalas been saying similar things for the last few months?

According to the article, the reason LA is the current focus has to do with Beckham's soccer academy being located in the area. Then again, when New York was getting all the talk, the reason was Becks wants to live in the city, so who knows.

Till he decides to not renew with Real Madrid, any talk is just fluff. However, if Beckham does end up in MLS, chances are LA or New York will be his destination. That is unless Kansas City comes a calling. Oh yeah, Beckham in a Wizards uniform, how much fun would that be? (By the way, that was my attempt at humor.)

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