Saturday, November 04, 2006

Klinsmann says 'No' to the US Nats job

Update here.

The word out of Germany is Klinsmann has rejected an offer from US soccer to become the new men's team coach. They report that it all came down to money. He wanted about $3.18 million a year but was only offered $2.3 million by US soccer.

However, Klinsmann later called the report 'nonsense' saying, "As usual the speculation is not true and the figures have just been made up."

He added, "The negotiations have only just started and there is no time pressure."

The specualtion about the different numbers relates to Klinsmann's relationship with Adidas. US Soccer is a Nike federation, so he would have to cut his ties with Adidas if he accepted the position. The guess is he would want to be compansated for this action.

So what to make of this report? Is it just idle speculation or did someone leak it to put pressure on the other side?

It is interesting to note that the report also included the names of some other coaches they say are under heavy consideration. The names are nothing new, but it could point to a source.

"The latest names said to be in the frame are Lyon coach Gerard Houllier, Manchester United assistant boss Carlos Queiroz and former England manager Sven Goran-Eriksson."

In US versions of the story, Chivas boss Bob Bradley is also mentioned.

All this talk about who might do what and for how much is a little frustrating, but it does say something about US soccer. We might not be a superpower yet, but the world is interesting in seeing where we go.

Anyway, till the new coach is announced, we will see more of this.



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