Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Get your MLS Cup tickets here...

As noted over at DCenters yesterday, there is a bit of a push going around by at least one person at FC Dallas to use blogs to help push ticket sales for the MLS Cup to be held in Dallas (okay, Frisco).

My thought on this is fantastic. I like the fact that people who read blogs can have a contact person to get their tickets.

If you are interested in attending the big final on November 12th, why not contact Evan Mitz at 214.705.6752 or email emitz@fcdallas.net and make it happen.

Here are the ticket prices: Field Seats $150, Midfield East $60, Sideline $55, Corner $45, Endline $35.

One of the big reasons I'm happy to take part in this push is the fact the game will air live on ABC. Every nationally televised game is a chance for soccer fans to win over converts, but it will be difficult to do if the stadium is half-empty. A full house and a crazy crowd will not only look great on TV, but also provide the players with a great environment in which to play.

So why not look into getting a cheap flight into town (American and Southwest Airlines are both based in the area) and enjoy the event. By the way, why doesn't MLS have an official airline sponsor?

For those living in the DFW area, the Cowboys will not play at home on the 12th (they are in Atlanta), so why not make the trip to the Park to see the best of the MLS play?

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Anonymous Susan said...

Mike, I would love to go to the MLS final game, especially if the Fire are playing. My parents live in Plano (very close) and I've already made plans to go to their house for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure I can justify flying down there twice in the same month. It's tempting, though. I should concentrate on trying to get my brother to go and take his daughter on her 4th birthday. I have failed in trying to convert that guy to soccer so far--he just hates it.

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