Thursday, November 09, 2006

MLS Cup is Sold Out - Mayors bet pies

MLS Cup 2006 has sold out of seated tickets. There are still a few 'standing room only' tickets left for $30 ($40 at the gate).

Also, the mayors of Houston and Boston have made a bet of pies on the outcome of the game. If the Revolution finally win a Cup, Houston mayor Bill White will send 10 pecan pies up North, however, if the Dynamo pull off the win in their inaugural season, Thomas Menino will ship 10 Boston cream pies to Texas.

The Houston mayor seems confident in his city's team, however, he did not want to guess at a score.

"We have a bunch of fanatic fans, and they won't mind if Boston scores a goal, just as long as we score a bunch more. I am not going to tell you the final score, because then (people) will say that the game was fixed", said City of Houston Mayor Bill White.

Mayor Menino was not as concerned about the integrity of the game.

"I'll tell you what is going to happen: Taylor Twellman will score the winning goal at 2:30 minutes to go." To which Mayor White responded, "if that occurs, I'm going to have a league investigation."

Both the Revolution and the Dynamo are traveling to Frisco today to start their final preparations for the MLS Cup on Sunday.

If you are interested in getting one of the standing room tickets, call 1-888-FCD-GOAL.

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