Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dick's wins naming rights for Rapids new stadium

The Colorado Rapids has announced that Dick's Sporting Goods has won the naming rights for their new 18,000 seat soccer stadium set to open next April.

As is the way of MLS, no official word was given in regards to the price Dick's paid for the rights, however SportsBusiness Daily estimated it to be worth as much as $40 million. That said, both Jurgen Mianka, spokesman for the Colorado Rapids, and Jeff Hennion, chief marketing officer for Dick's, said that figure was incorrect.

Whatever the number, an extra $1-2 million a year should help the Rapids build their fan base and their team. It also shows how teams with stadiums have an easier time then teams without.

The price tag is still far away from the $7-10 million most NFL teams get per year for their naming rights, however, it is not that far off from the $2-4 million a year most baseball teams get.



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