Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bayern Munich threatens to sue YouTube

Bundesliga side Bayern Munich is threatening to sue YouTube if privately shot footage continues to appear on their site.

Bayern president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says the free YouTube website is taking business away from their own online service.

"When these pictures are found somewhere for free on the Net, then it's clear where the spectator goes," Rummenigge said. "These exclusive rights are being massively violated by online platforms - we won't accept that."

Bayern is just the latest organization threatening to go after YouTube who was recently purchased for $1.5 billion by Google.

As you can see by the image included in this post, there are many videos related to Beyern (418 to be exact), but I think their main objection is the reposting of footage to club has placed on their pay web site.

As is the case with any site that allows the public at large to post items to it, you are bound to find copyright violations. Short of completely changing the way the site works, YouTube cannot stop this, however they can provide a quick way to remove material violating copyright law.

YouTube/Google has been in talks with various television studios in the US over this vary issue, so I'm sure some sort of plan is forth coming.


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