Friday, November 03, 2006

Take three BASAs and...

The Ladder has released the names of three BASAs winners.

Wednesday's award went to Forward of the Year. And the winner was, Jeff Cunningham (Real Salt Lake). Ante Razov (Chivas) came in second while Jaime Moreno (DC) just edged out Kenny Cooper (FCD) for third.

Here is my vote:
1- Kenny Cooper (FCD)
2- Jeff Cunningham (Real Salt Lake)
3- Andy Herron (Chicago)

Looking back at this one, I was a little surprised to see how I voted. Cooper was wonderful in the forward position, but how could I place him above Cunningham and forget about Razov? Both those players were the keys to their teams and Cunningham was also an assist magnet.

Herron also had a wonderful year making things happen for the Fire.

Perhaps I was blinded by my liking of Cooper as a player as seen in the next BASA, Favorite MLS Player.

The winner was Clint Dempsey (New England). Eddie Pope (Real) showed well in second and Landon Donovan (LA) just pulled out the third spot over Cobi Jones (LA) and Jaime Moreno (DC).

My ballot:
1- Eddie Pope (Salt Lake)
2- Kenny Cooper (FCD)
3- Clint Dempsey (NE)

I have been a fan of Pope's for a long time. The way he handles the backline yet is a constant threat on set pieces is remarkable. His season this year was not his best, but it was still very strong and fun to watch.

Then we have Cooper. Maybe it was all the hype or maybe it was is ability to play just about anywhere on the pitch with the same power, but I really liked seeing Cooper in action. With him and Ruiz, Dallas has a good center around which to rebuild their team during the off-season.

Dempsey is the type of player I wished there were more of in the MLS. He goes after balls and runs are players, which makes for an easy fan favorite.

So if there are people you like, there must be people you don't like. And thus we have the third BASA. This one went to Most Annoying US Soccer Personality. And the winner is Bruce Arena.

Arena just snuck by the ever wonderful Landon Donovan. Marcelo Balboa squeaked into third just ahead of the dynamic tie between Alexi Lalas and Eric Wynalda.

So how did I vote?
1- Dave O'Brien
2- US Soccer's World Cup ticket draw
3- Landon Donovan

Okay, one could argue that O'Brien (lead ESPN World Cup commentator) doesn't deserve to be on the list since he really doesn't have anything to do with soccer, but maybe that's the reason he made my list. He doesn't know the game, yet he is calling the biggest games in the world. Just doesn't make sense. And the thing is I'm just using O'Brien as my funnel since my real annoyance is directed at the ESPN execs that decided this would be a good idea.

Yes, I'm still annoyed at the way the ticket draw was handled, but Scaryice ruled that voted ineligible (damn computer voting system), since it was not a person. However, the vote did allow us to decide what we consider a 'personality.' With all the frustration and anger that it caused so many thousands of people, I think it took on a personality of its own, so I stand by my vote. We say cars have personality, so why can't a process that is actually more human then an automobile?

My number three was the golden boy. The reason is not because of his performance in Germany but because of his willingness to not be the best player he can be. Anyone with as much talent as he has saying that he knows he could be a better player if he went to Europe but that he doesn't want to have to try is just not worth it. The fact that he might be the next captain of the US squad is frightening.

Congratulations to Jeff Cunningham, Clint Dempsey and, I guess, Bruce Arena for their wins.

Next week sees the Best XI (Mon), US Men's Player of the Year (Tues) and MLS Player of the Year (Weds).

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