Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The thrill of the Champions League Matchcast

It is amazing how watching the matchcast of a game can add to the excitement of it. I had the ESPN cast of the AC Milan-Lyon match on. Going into stoppage time, Milan was up 2-1, thus winning the series. In the 91st minute they write about Lyon's strong attack on Milan. Then in the 92nd, they just type "GOAL!"

Even through the 91st minute entry makes it clear that Lyon's attack failed, they never mentioned Milan, so I thought Lyon had just got their second goal, which would send them on to the next leg. About two minutes later, they type out what happened. Sure enough, it was Milan that got the goal, not Lyon.

I have no strong feelings either way, so it was not devastating, but it was a little bit of a thrill ride. Anyone else have the same thing happen to them?

Final Champions scores:
AC Milan 3 - 1 Lyon
Villarreal 1 - 0 Inter Milan


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