Friday, March 31, 2006

Houston Dynamo's new jerseys

The Houston Dynamo has released their new jerseys and they are, well okay. The white one is away and the orange one is home. The home jersey looks nice. A little extra plus for the team, since the main color is orange, any University of Texas fans living in the area should be able to show up with the right colors on (UT's colors are burnt orange and white and a lot of UT students come from the Houston area). However, the away looks like a white t-shirt with lettering on it. The white on white details don't really seem to stand out.

The shorts for these kits are what for home and orange for away.

Now we know what 11 of the 12 teams will look like coming this weekend. We will know the 12th kit when New York takes the pitch in DC on Sunday. By the way, the DC match looks like it is going to be very loud and crazy since they are opening the upper deck for it (means more then 20,000 tickets sold). Should be a good one to watch.



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