Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MLS Week 2 Power Ratings

Another week of games is done, so here are my power rankings.

1. Kansas City Wizards (Last week - 2) - Went to Houston and shut down their offense while finding little holes in their defense. They were also able to make the Dynamo pay for going down a man. If they can take care of New England this week, week 4's match against Dallas could be epic.

2. FC Dallas (3) - Coming from behind two weeks in a row shows the maturity of this team. Should they have been behind Salt Lake? No, but they were able to correct an early mistake. This week we'll find out if they can do as well on the road and without Carlos Ruiz

3. Houston Dynamo (1) - So the new 'Quakes can lose at home, good to know. However, they did slow down the KC attack and almost walked out with a one-man down tie. If they were playing a lesser team, they would have got the point. This week they get their first road test in DC.

4. DC United (5) - Luck bounced their way on a couple occasions, but let's not take anything away from the team. They started making good one touch passes and did halt plenty of attacks and that second goal was so much fun to watch.

5. Chivas USA (4) - If luck had not been with DC, Chivas might have got a point or three. Still, the side did put together good runs and played some tough defense. With LA playing the way they are, this weekend’s show down might go to the goats.

6. Chicago Fire (6) - Their second hard road game and they looked alright. They had good flashes and were able to respond quickly to LA's goal. The defense was stronger then their first match. Next stop, Columbus.

7. New England Revolution (8) - Okay, they started to make progress, but they could not finish. As much as it was their midfield, does it matter if you don't get goals? Thankfully, their defense also looked better, which shut down most of NY's chances, but are they ready for KC?

8. New York Red Bull (7) - On the plus side, they stopped NE before they could get many chances. The bad side, they didn't have many good chances of their own. The best news for the Reds, they play Real this weekend.

9. Los Angeles Galaxy (9) - When is this team going to wakeup? They just could not finish any of their runs. Add to it their lack of defense on restarts and you have a bad mixture.

10. Colorado Rapids (10) - Five goals in two matches tells you they have some offensive might, but their defense is still lacking. The way the Crew played at the start of the match is the way better teams will play the whole match.

11. Columbus Crew (11) - They were playing great the first 30-minutes, but then it all fell apart. With no strong offensive streak force, their poor defense is in for a long season.

12. Real Salt Lake (12) - They were gifted a goal and the lead, but they could not find a way to protect it. I think I've heard this story before.


Blogger D said...

They were gifted a goal and the lead, but they could not find a way to protect it. I think I've heard this story before.

Yes. The New York Red Bulls at DC United. Or did you mean something else? :)

2:41 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

d, oh, that's who I'm thinking about. I knew it was there somewhere. Thanks.

6:49 PM  

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