Monday, April 10, 2006

Kahn to stay with Germany

Last Friday, Oliver Kahn said he was, "very surprised and massively disappointed" to be overlooked for the number one goalkeeper job, leading many to think he was going to retire from international play. However, by Monday he was saying something different.

"I think it's important for the team that I am there during the World Cup.

You never know what can happen. I accept Klinsmann's decision. What we need now is a positive atmosphere and we have to put behind us these endless discussions." a sportsman you have to be able to accept such decisions and setbacks.

Kahn has promised to be in shape in time for the tournament and has given the team and its coach his full support.

Barring injury, Kahn's best chance of getting into the World Cup will be the June 20th match against Ecuador. If Germany beats both Costa Rica and Poland in their first two matches and Ecuador is not threatening for the top spot in Group A, Juergen Klinsmann might just decide to rest Jens Lehmann and allow Kahn a final international match at home. There is also the chance that Lehmann could crash out against Costa Rica.



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