Friday, April 07, 2006

Oliver Kahn out as Germany's top goalkeeper

Juergen Klinsmann continued to resahape the German national team by naming Jens Lehmann as Germany's first choice goalkeeper for the 2006 World Cup ahead of former captain Oliver Kahn (pictured).

Klinsmann said, "this was the hardest decision of my time as coach." He made the decision after meeting with his coaching team on Friday.

Kahn posted this statement on his club team's web site:

I'm very surprised and extremely disappointed.

In the coming weeks I'll concentrate on my work with Bayern in the Bundesliga and German Cup.

As to my future in the national team, I'll think it over in the coming weeks and comment in due course.

Oddly enough, Kahn's mistake against the US that lead to their one goal duing last month's match might have "sealed his fate." Combine that with Lehmann's wonderful performances with Arsenal of late, and you have many good reasons to drop Kahn. Still, I will miss the screaming man between the posts.

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