Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MLS Week 1 Power Ratings

Now that we have all over analyzed the outings of opening weekend, I feel like putting together a power rating list. So here it is, the first week of power.

1. Houston Dynamo - This is the way to introduce yourself to a new home. The team that just could not lose at home last year keeps their streak alive in a new venue. The Dwayne De Rosario - Brian Ching connection is hot and makes up for the small mistakes of their defense.

2. Kansas City Wizards - They have a strong offense and their midfield controlled the match against Columbus. However, their defense was not tested much by the Crew, but that will change on Saturday when they visit Houston.

3. FC Dallas - They never gave up and they used smart play to put out the Fire. If a team has a hole in defense, look for Kenny Cooper, Roberto Mina and Carlos Ruiz to find it. Now if they can just clog up their own defensive holes, their offense might not be needed so much.

4. Chivas USA - This is not last year's Chivas because this year they actually have defense. The power to strike is strong with them, but their ability to keep the ball out of their net will make them a contender this year. That said, Salt Lake is not much of a test, but going to DC is.

5. DC United - If they could have kept control of their backline in the first 20-minutes like they did during the second half, they would have won. Still, coming back from a 2-0 halftime deficit to get the tie speaks well for the club. The return of Alecko Eskandarian speaks even better.

6. Chicago Fire - For a young team at the start of a long road trip, they looked good. However, they have to learn to adjust their defense quicker to stop changes in their opponent's attack. Still, they were able to exploit the holes on offense, and almost walked out with a point.

7. New York Red Bulls - Normally if a team is outplayed and comes away with a tie, I'd put them up higher on this list, but these are not normal times. Being up by 2 at the half and then giving it away in the second 45-minutes is a New York tradition. Sadly, seeing it continue puts them in bad water.

8. New England Revolution - Where was this team last Saturday night? They have all the makings of a MLS juggernaut, but they looked like a senior High School team. Yet they got the win. They would be higher, but LA looked like stink oil themselves, so little love for the Revs. If they play like this on Saturday, look for the Bulls to get their first win.

9. Los Angeles Galaxy - As noted above, New England looked like garbage, yet LA could not beat them? They were the better of the two teams, but they still lost the game. They need to figure out their attack and play with some intensity.

10. Colorado Rapids - So they traded their top scorer for Clint Mathis and he goes down in the first 20-minutes. Someone feels a little stupid right now. All said, the Rapids might have been crushed on the scoreboard, but they did make a bit of a game of it. There are obvious problems on defense and offense, but other then that, great team.

11. Columbus Crew - So they don't have any offense and their defense is easy to pick apart. Sounds like the Crew of 2005. Good news for them, they are playing the Rapids this weekend. Colorado is a good place to try different formations.

12. Real Salt Lake - Just as Houston started this year in much the same place they ended last year, so did Salt Lake. They made some good changes during the off season, but they have not begun to come together. Scott Garlick is a wonderful keeper, but not having a defensive line in front of you is a hard way to play. Their job doesn't get any easier when they travel to Garlick's former home of Dallas this weekend.


Anonymous The Belly said...

Nice list. I'd probably put New England higher and Colorado lower, but what can you really say after one game anyway?

Also, I sent you an email last week and never got a reply. Can you double check and see if it went through?


12:35 PM  
Blogger maradawga said...

I'd switch Columbus and Colorado but, when you're talking about two teams out of the playoffs already, what's one spot?

I also would switch New England and New York because although CKFA Metro had a 2-0 lead, they never looked like they earned it. Can't go up 2-0 and try and defend for 70 minutes.

Also, it would help if you had a defender who could put away a sitter inside the six.

4:49 PM  

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