Thursday, April 27, 2006

Best Paid Players in MLS - Plus all the rest

The Washingpost has obtained information about MLS saleries. Here is a list of the top ten players in terms of salary.

PlayerTeamBase Guaranteed*
1. Juan Francisco PalenciaChivas USA$692,308$1,360,000
2. Landon DonovanLos Angeles$900,000$900,000
3. Eddie JohnsonKansas City$750,000$875,000
4. Juan Pablo GarciaChivas USA$461,520$624,260
5. Freddy AduD.C. United$300,000$550,000
6. Josh WolffKansas City$350,000$420,357
7. Clint MathisColorado$270,000$410,000
8. Eddie PopeReal Salt Lake$330,521$394,688
9. Tony SannehChicago$285,000$365,000
10. Carlos RuizFC Dallas$250,000$360,000

* Guaranteed salary includes a player's base salary and all signing and guaranteed bonuses annualized over the term of his contract, including option years.

Since the paper's local beat in DC, they mention some other information about United's pay in their article.

After Adu, the next highest-paid United players are South Americans: Bolivian forward Jaime Moreno ($241,250), Argentine midfielder Christian Gomez ($182,500) and Argentine forward Lucio Filomeno ($163,250).

They also point to the large gap between the haves and have nots.

The league list also exposes glaring differences in salaries. For example, while Palencia is earning $1.36 million, 14 of United's 28 players will make less than $36,500, and nine of those will get less than $16,500 under terms of developmental contracts.

The great thing is they have the full list of all players salaries (I think this might be the first time something like this has leaked, but I could be wrong).

Here are a few of the none top-10 players in the league.

Eskandarian, AleckoDC$110,000$130,500
Boswell, RobertDC$29,400$29,400
Armas, ChrisChicago$250,000$325,000
Mapp, JustinChicago$95,000$101,000
O'Brien, JohnChivas$270,000$270,000
Kljestan, SachaChivas$45,000$78,000
Hejduk, FrankieColumbus$200,000$211,000
Gaven, EddieColumbus$130,000$153,000
Mastroeni, PabloColorado$250,000$268,000
Cannon, JoeColorado$172,000$172,000
Mina, RobertoDallas$80,000$80,000
Cooper, KennyDallas$55,000$58,000
Ching, BrianHouston$160,000$173,000
DeRosario, DwayneHouston$140,000$140,000
Conrad, JimmyKC$115,000$118,750
Jewsbury, JackKC$29,400$29,400
Jones, CobiLA$180,000$210,000
Gomez, HerculesLA$47,000$47,000
Twellman, TaylorNE$175,000$181,666
Dempsey, ClintNE$75,863$86,488
Wynne, MarvellNY$47,500$150,000
Meola, TonyNY$125,000$125,000
Kreis, JasonSalt Lake$160,000$197,500
Klein, ChrisSalt Lake$170,000$177,250


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