Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MLS Week 4 Power Ratings

1. DC United (Last week - 2) - This team has hit their stride. With so much talent all over the pitch and with it all coming together, they will be hard to stop. Demolishing one of your biggest rivals is a great way to build solidarity (post-goal celebrations included).

2. FC Dallas (3) - Overall they were a bit outplayed and had to survive 25-minutes a man down, yet they still beat a strong KC team. How did they do this? By not giving up on the ball. Both FCD's goals came from staying on the ball. They still need to organize a better defensive line, but they are working on it.

3. Kansas City Wizards (1) - A good outing but a big lapse in judgment late cost them a share of the points. Also, their offense was not as coordinated as we have seen. By the way, if anyone's seen Eddie Johnson, tell him the Wizards midfield is looking for him.

4. Houston Dynamo (5) - In week 3 we saw what happens to this team without Dwayne De Rosario. In week 4 we got to see how they work with him. Quick answer, much better. With Brian Ching getting tied up by Eddie Pope, De Rosario took the offensive attack on as his own. The late second goal was a wonderful strike for this happy Canadian.

5. Chivas USA (6) - The Goats did not play a MLS match last weekend, but they did have a couple scrimmages. Good news for Chivas and the US, John O'Brien did well in 175-minutes of play.

6. Los Angeles Galaxy (4) - Get this team on some medication because their highs and lows are going to ruin them (or at least Steve Sampson). Having to fight for a tie against Columbus is bad, but falling to them at home is a joke. Sad times in this nest of stars.

7. Chicago Fire (7) - The Fire finally got to spend some time at home this weekend, sadly it was not due to a game as they had an off week. Hopefully this little break from their long road trip will allow them to keep up their form.

8. New England Revolution (8) - Here's another team that got some time off this weekend. If they used it for anything other then looking in the mirror and asking, "what the hell has happened to us?" then it was a waste.

9. Columbus Crew (12) - I'm still not convince it happened, but the result keeps telling me its true; the Crew won a game. Beating LA, even the weak team that current goes by that name, is a great achievement, but can they use this to put together some long term better play?

10. Real Salt Lake (10) - Eddie Pope did everything he could to win this match for the team, but they could not find a way to get their offense going. The fact that they have not scored more then one goal in any match explains their biggest problem. Maybe they should ask Scott Garlick's mustache to starting playing forward for them. Still, they are looking better then last year, but an open blister looks better then the Real 2005.

11. New York Red Bull (9) - Was there anything good on the pitch for New York? If so, I didn't see it. This team has no cohesion and no spark. Getting routed by DC just proves again that names are not what make teams, actual play does.

12. Colorado Rapids (11) - Had a week off to figure out more ways to get other teams to score own goals for them. Can they voodoo Houston this week?


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