Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Alexi Lalas has been lying about a lot of things"

Any article that has a quote about Alexi Lalas being a liar is sure to light up the US soccer blogs. The fact that Eric Wynalda (pictured) is the one saying it only makes it that much more fun. These two former US national teammates bring out the emotions in US fans like few others.

Anyway, the New Jersey Ledger has a fine piece about Wynalda's comments concerning Lalas. Basically, Wynalda thinks Lalas is a liar because he denied the LA job offer existed two days before he took it. Lalas thinks Wynalda is off base because he was not there.

Wynalda also calls BS on Lalas for saying things are fine between him and LA coach Steve Sampson (Sampson coached the US in 1998 and benched Lalas during the World Cup). Lalas's reply, "(Steve and I) sat down and discussed it. It wasn't wonderful in 1998. There are certain things I would do differently. But remember this: Steve Sampson and Alexi Lalas didn't play a minute in 1998. Eric did."

Nothing like some off field fun to make the week fly by.


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