Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Arena to say with Team USA

What to make of US Soccer President Sunil Gulati saying Bruce Arena's (pictured) future does not heavily depend on the USA's performance at the World Cup in Germany? If you are USA Today, it can only mean one thing, Arena is staying as coach of the US team.

I think that might be reading a little much into the quote. It could be the case that US Soccer would be happy for him to stay, but the man himself might want to wait and see. The Bruce has not hidden his desire to coach in Europe some day and if a good offer came along, I think it would be hard for him to turn it down.

After 8-years of doing national duty, which saw his team go from an international joke to major threat, he might just be ready for a new challenge.

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Blogger pettyfog said...

You are dead on!

Anyone who thinks Bruce will stay on, after, is pipe dreaming.

Only way he MIGHT is if the US DOESNT get out of group.

1:52 PM  

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