Friday, March 03, 2006

Where do cheating soccer refs go for a second chance?

The answer is American football.

Robert Hoyzer, also known as the man who gave German soccer the horrible smell of corruption less then a year before the start of the World Cup, is hoping to sign a contract as kicker for the Berlin Adler (Eagles), a former champion in the German football league.

"I've been practicing for a week and I hope to sign a contract next week," Hoyzer said Thursday.

I guess everyone has got to make a living, but is sports the best place for Hoyzer? If he ever misses a late field goal or extra point that would have given his team a victory or beaten the spread on a game, there will be a question in people's mind, "Is he on the take?"

Also, is this inclusion of one of the most hated men in Germany on your German based football team the best way to win over fans? I really don't know, but it does seem strange.


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