Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The friendlies have begun

A great, even if meaningless, day of soccer is underway. Thirty of the thirty-two World Cup teams are playing matches. Last night, a couple of them got early starts. Trinidad & Tobago got their campaign off to a great start by beating Iceland 2-0 in London while Japan needed a 90th minute goal to tie Bosnia 2-2.

In matches played earlier today, South Korea slipped by Angola 1-0 while Iran managed to hold off Costa Rica 3-2.

Here is a list of games to be played today:

Poland vs. USA - 2pm EST (on ESPN2)
Israel vs. Denmark - 1:50pm
Russia vs. Brazil - underway (0-1 in the 20th min)
France vs. Slovakia - 3pm
Croatia vs. Argentina - 2:15pm

Portugal vs. S. Arabia - 2:45pm
Ireland vs. Sweden - 2:30pm
Italy vs. Germany - 3pm
Tunisia vs. Serbia-Mont. - 1:15pm
Holland vs. Ecuador - 2:30pm

England vs. Uruguay - 3:05pm (on FSC)
Mexico vs. Ghana - 9pm (in Dallas)
Wales vs. Paraguay - 3pm
Turkey vs. Czech Rep. - 2pm
Spain vs. Ivory Coast - 4pm

Scotland vs. Switzerland - 3pm


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