Friday, March 10, 2006

More match fixing in Germany

Four people were arrested today as part of an investigation into another match fixing scandal in Germany. These new allegations come less then 100 days before the country hosts the World Cup.

However, unlike last year's version, this new scandal does not involve the top leagues nor does it involve any referees. It appears this Germany Soccer Scandal part 2 involves bribes to players to influence the results.

It has been confirmed that players have been allegedly approached and offered several thousand euros if they could influence the result of at least five games. The court revealed that it is believed that at least one of the offers of payment was accepted. The court also refused to acknowledge or deny any connection with the match fixing operation involving Hoyzer.

On the surface, this episode does not seem to be as bad as the first one, yet it will still bring black clouds to the German FA. Adding to the bad news, it looks like Robert Hoyzer (the ref at the center of the first scandal) will need to be retried as "it was revealed that the disgraced referee was not the official at one of the matches that he was accused of fixing."


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