Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Best Goal in MLS History

The votes are in the Carlos Ruiz's bicycle kick from FC Dallas's May 28, 2005, match against DC United has been voted the best goal ever scored in MLS history.

Ruiz was in a coffee shop in Spain with his teammates when he got the word. His response, "It's incredible, I'm very happy. Since I came to MLS I always wanted to do something good and work hard for the teams where I played."

Ruiz had 3 of the final 10 goals and 2 of the last 5.

You can view the goal here (link opens Windows Media Player). You can read the MLS article on it here.

This is a wonderful goal and one that deserves this award. The setup is perfect. The look of pure puzzlement on the defense just adds to its flare. I'm happy to know that such a shot will represent the MLS.


Blogger DF said...

I'm biased as a DC fan, but I think this was the wrong choice. I saw the Ruiz goal and thought it was really good. A perfectly executed Chileno. But nothing compares to the goal Mathis scored in 2001 for the Metrostars against Dallas. The latter was a great finish and an unbelievable run through the D to set it up. A Maradona-esque moment for the fallen poster-boy of US soccer.

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