Wednesday, March 08, 2006

LA Galaxy 2 - 3 Deportivo Saprissa

The second half was not kind to the Galaxy, but lets not get ahead of our self.

In the first 45-minutes, the team was clicking. London Donovan was making his moves and even got a goal. He was also drawing the defense to him, making opportunities for others. LA went into the break up by 2.

Then came the second half and things fell to pot. The team could not decide if it wanted to keep attacking or play hard defense. This lead to sloppy mistakes that saw Saprissa tie it all back up. Into extra time we went.

Two fifteen-minute halves were to be played, but LA could not change things around. This allowed Ronaldo Parks to get the goal that saw LA out of the cup. The most interesting thing was, right after Parks' goal, when Saprissa's player kept getting horrible injuries that required them to lie on the ground for many minutes until then could be carted off the pitch. If I was cynical, I would say they were just killing time, but I'm sure they were really hurting.

Stop here if you do not want to know the New England result.

So LA goes down 2-3 in Costa Rica. This was a good outing that should have resulted in a victory, but it was not to be. MLS now has no teams in the rest of the Champions Cup. Perhaps next year the league could figure out a way to have teams playing in the Cup start training a little earlier. Maybe MLS will have better luck that way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying to protect people from seeing the NE result - but why did you give away the LA result? Why not treat both games the same? Luckily I avoided reading soccer blogs until I had seen both games so it didn't matter to me personally...

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