Saturday, March 04, 2006

Houston 1836 to get a new name on Monday

Update: new name found here.

After many weeks of delay, Houston is set to announce their new name on Monday at the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Wiess Energy Hall.

MLS sources say that Lonestar, or some such variation, has been dismissed as an option. Speculation at BigSoccer has it that the team will get more of an Eastern European feel going with a name like Dynamo, but other hinted names are FC Houston, Inter Houston and Apollos.

Officials with the team are keeping quiet on any possible name, however, the fact that they are holding this event at the Energy Hall, seems to point towards a name involving energy. Dynamo is a "device that generates electric power from the engine's activity." This would fit well with the surroundings. It would also fit with Houston being a city built on the energy industry. I could also see them going with a 'wildcatter' or other such oil drilling term.

Update: The domain names, .net and .org were registered on Feb 27th.



Anonymous J. Michael said...

Good eye, Mike. I actually like the sound of Dynamo Houston.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, Houston Dynamo and the name is unoriginal and suckish. 1836 pointed to Houston's history, but that was too much for at least one race-baiting politician (Garza, who in the one e-mail exchange I've had with her seems as clueless and hypocritical as most politicians of this ilk).

The fans chose the name. Had they chose "Toros" or some name reflecting the Spanish-cultural influences on the city, that would have been fine and few, if any would have complained. Instead, they chose the founding date of the city as the name and creeps like Garza pour out of the woodwork, intent on demonstrating their political muscle by racializing a topic that doesn't begin to deserve it.

Sam Houston must be rolling over in his grave. Houston to date has one back-to-back MLS championships with no mention of the controversy and the dishonesty that precipitated it. Pitiful. Quite frankly, I pull against this Houston franchise every time they hit the field because of this. The owners should be ashamed to show their faces in Texas, and people should have let them know that dissing Texas history wouldn't win them any friends. Instead, the wrong message is sent - that all dishonest politicians like Garza need to do to get a little feality from the corporate suits is race-bait and play the aggreved. Thankfully, many Mexican-Americans called foul on Garza, but the media, always happy to support such politics, ignored them.

1:29 PM  

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