Monday, February 13, 2006

Vote for MLS Goal of the Decade

Final results here.

The "Best Goal of the Decade" choices have when whittled down to 20. They will decrease the number further next Monday. If you would like to vote for your favorite MLS goal of all time, head on over here and do so.

Of the twenty, Bride McBride, Marco Etcheverry* and Dwayne De Rosario each have two nominations, while Carlos Ruiz has three. Here is the full list of goals.

Brian McBride
April 13, 1996
Columbus vs. D.C. United

Jorge Salcedo
May 9, 1997
Columbus vs. New England

Marco Etcheverry
August 27, 1997
D.C. United vs. New England

Jaime Moreno
April 11, 1998
D.C. United vs. Colorado

Brian McBride
July 9, 1998
Columbus vs. Chicago

Marco Etcheverry
May 22, 1999
D.C. United vs. Miami

Ante Razov
July 4, 1999
Chicago vs. Dallas Burn

Marcelo Balboa
April 22, 2000
Colorado vs. Columbus

Miklos Molnar
May 27, 2000
Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay

Clint Mathis
April 28, 2001
MetroStars vs. Dallas Burn

Taylor Twellman
June 22, 2002
New England vs. Kansas City

Carlos Ruiz
July 27, 2002
Los Angeles vs. Columbus

Ronnie Ekelund
Sep. 7, 2002
S.J. Earthquakes vs. Columbus

Carlos Ruiz
August 9, 2003
Los Angeles vs. Columbus

Damani Ralph
August 13, 2003
Chicago vs. Columbus

John Wolyniec
Sept. 20, 2003
MetroStars vs. Columbus

Dwayne De Rosario
August 7, 2004
S.J. Earthquakes vs. D.C. United

Clint Dempsey
April 27, 2005
New England vs. Chicago

Carlos Ruiz
May 28, 2005
FC Dallas vs. D.C. United

Dwayne De Rosario
October 15, 2005
S.J. Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles

* thanks to reader toytac for pointing out that Marco Etcheverry also has two goals up.


Blogger J Fitty said...

El Diablo has two nominations as well, including the Goal of the Decade. I will let you decide which one that is :-)

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