Thursday, February 09, 2006

Talk turns to World Cup 2022

Australia seems confident that their bid for the 2018 World Cup would fail, but they seem to think it will set them up perfectly for 2022.

It might seem a little early, maybe even silly, to start talking about an event that is 16-years away, but I guess you can never start planning too early these days.

With the 2010 Cup going to South Africa and the 2014 Cup slated for South America, it is expected that 2018 will head back to Europe. After all, by that time, it will have been 12-years without the tournament being held on European soil, and that's just like forever. The early rumors have England in the lead for the 2018 Cup.

Anyway, let's say that does happen, should Australia get the 2022 event? One thing to look at is the amount of time it has been since their confederation last hosted. In 2022, it will have been 20-years since Asia last played host. However, it will have been 28-years since CONCACAF got the big show. Still, Oceania has everyone beat since they have never organized the event.

Australia is FIFA's current hot country, but they will need that heat to grow into a full fire within 10-years if they want to make this happen. Otherwise, I think some country like, um, let's see, how about, oh, the USA, might be able to slip past them.



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