Friday, December 16, 2005

So what did we learn at the Houston Press Conference?

Not very much. The biggest news was the official notice that the team will play at Robertson Stadium on the University of Houston campus. The stadium went through a major renovation in 1998. It can hold about 32,000, but I'm guessing MLS will limit it to 26,000 or so for their matches (they limited the 32,000 seat Spartan Stadium to 26,525 in 1997). As you can see in the pictures linked above, the fans will be very close to the action.

This is a good start for the team (actually the similarities to Spartan Stadium are a bit nutty, but who's to say), but soon enough they will need to find a permanent home. In this search, they did get some support form the local paper.

Some other news from the press conference, the team will start play the first weekend in April, you can order season tickets now and there will be a team-naming contest for the franchise. More information will come soon via their web site.



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