Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fascism, Match Fixing and Brazilian Money Laundering

Rome’s Lazio player Piero Di Canio gave a fascist salute to his teams fans during a match and is not ashamed of doing it. This is not that much of a shocker as he also has fascists’ symbols tattooed on his arms. Italian Maccabi Federation, asked Rome’s Jewish community to consider taking legal action against Di Canio. Di Canio said that it would be "serious" if action was taken against him. He was fined $12,000 for a similar display in January.

Vietnam police are looking into claims that members of their national team were involved in match fixing during this month's Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines. Police are questioning four players in this matter. Vietnam got to the championship match, but lost to Thailand 3-0.

Brazilian authorities are investigation national soccer team manager, Carlos Alberto Parreira, for possible money laundering and tax evasion, because links to sports entrepreneurs Reinaldo Pitta and Alexandre Martins, local press said on Tuesday. According to Tuesday's Extra, a Brazilian daily, Parreira brought money into Brazil illegally, and used it to buy property, in a scheme organized by the two businessmen, who represented Ronaldo El Fenomeno, a soccer forward. This could be a big distraction for the team as they prepare for Germany.


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