Friday, December 16, 2005

Australia to start at the bottom in Asia

Australia might be gearing up for the World Cup, but that doesn't mean so much for Asia's biggest soccer tourniment. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) annoucned the four pots for the 2007 Asian Cup and unlike the World Cup, rankings are used for placement in the four pots. Australia has been placed in the final pot.

An AFC spokesman explained that pot placement is based on the result of the last Asian Cup (in this case 2004). Since Australia didn't play in that cup (as they were not a member of the AFC), they have no record so to Pot D they go.

So what should be the easiest pot now has a bit of a shark swiming around in it.

Here are the pots.

Pot A - Japan, Iran, China, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Jordan
Pot B - South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar
Pot C - United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Singapore, Hong Kong
Pot D - Australia, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei, Pakistan/Bangladesh, India

The draw will take place on January 4, 2006. Also note that Pakistan and Bangladesh had their playoff series delayed due to the devastating earthquake that hit the region in October. They will play their matches on Dec. 21 and 25th.


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