Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wizards to stay in Kansas City

Let all the Wizard fans start celebrating as their team will play at least one more year in KC.

Owner Lamar Hunt announced that the team will stay, but is still looking for a local group to purchase them. He also hopes that future owners will build a soccer-specific stadium.

"Within the past week we've gotten a substantial offer to purchase the team," Hunt said at a news conference. "We were not able to accept that offer, because there were some conditions we didn't find acceptable. The group interested in purchasing the team wanted to be sure there was a soccer-specific stadium here before they closed the deal."

Season tickets will go on sale very soon.

With KC's situation figured out, that leaves San Jose as the lone hold out in the possible move column. For San Jose, a decision must be made soon. I'm guessing that within the next week, news will break on that situation.

I'm glad to see that the Hunt's are willing to stick it out another year; I just hope a few more fans actually show up. If you live in KC and like having a team, you need to go to a few games. It is a lot easier to find a buyer when you can show interest in the product.



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