Wednesday, December 14, 2005

FC Dallas still want Ruiz

FC Dallas really wants to re-sign Carlos Ruiz (pictured), but there are some problems. MLS hold 50% of his rights while his former club, Municipal in Guatemala, hold the other 50%. This means that they have been paying part of his salary even while he has been playing for the MLS. Why would they do this? They will get a big check from a transfer fee to a Mexican or European club.

With the next transfer window not due to open till January, Municipal is in no hurry to finalize a deal with MLS. This leaves FC Dallas in a tough spot. Ruiz is one of the players they build their whole team around. If they don't get him back, then they will have to scramble to shuffle their lineup around.

Another problem for FCD is his salary. If he returns, he is sure to add $280,000 to the team’s salary costs. Since Eddie Johnson is also at that mark, a huge portion (31%) of their salary would go to these two players.

This the logistic problems FCD must face, but there is another issue that I think is more important, Ruiz's playing level. He played in just 19 of their 32 matches (he was away for international duty for some of them) and netted 11 goals off 63 shots. Yes, these are good stats, but I still think they are below his talent level.

It seemed to me that he became unhappy with his situation back in July and played accordingly (much like Johnston, when he wasn't injured). I know he would rather play in a bigger league then the MLS, most people do, but to play below your talent doesn't seem like the smartest way of getting there.

If Dallas does get him back, I hope he drops the ego and plays full force every time he steps on the pitch. If he does that, Municipal has a better chance of getting rich of his move to a bigger league.

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