Thursday, December 22, 2005

Best of US Soccer Awards

US Soccer announced their Best of 2005 Soccer Awards yesterday. No big surprises on the list. Basically, if there was an entry having to do with the September 3rd match against Mexico, it won. Also, if there was a vote on a store, the Chicago offering took it (it's almost like US Soccer resides in the Windy City). Here are the results (winner in bold):

Best U.S. Atmosphere:
U.S. MNT 2, Mexico 0 @ Crew Stadium (Sept. 3) 23.9 %
U.S. MNT 1, England 2 @ Soldier Field (May 28) 20.8 %
U.S. WNT 7, Ukraine 0 @ Merlo Field (July 10) 15.6 %

Best Audio Podcast:
Bruce Arena Speaks Candidly 27%
Remembering Guerra Fria 17.4 %
Eddie Lewis in England 17.3 %

Best All Access video:
Highlights of USA vs. Mexico (Sept. 3) 33.9%
Snowball Fight 20.4%
Blood Work 15.4%

Best Picture:
Kasey Keller's Superman Save 28.1%
Tiffeny Milbrett Soaring to 100 11.3 %
U.S. MNT In Anticipation 9.8 %

Best Performance (Team):
U.S. MNT 2, Mexico 0 (Sept. 3) 37.6%
U.S. WNT 1, Germany 0 (March 15) 16.7%
U-21 WNT 4, Norway 1 (July 26) 14.1%

Best Soccer Store:
Chicago Soccer (Chicago, Ill.) 57.6%
Soccer Post (San Diego, Calif.) 7.2%
Soccer USA (Austin, Texas) 6.4%

Best Performance (Player):
Oguchi Onyewu vs. Mexico (Sept. 3) 14.8%
DaMarcus Beasley vs. Mexico (Sept. 3) 14.6%
Kasey Keller vs. Costa Rica (June 4) 14.1%

Best Goal:
Tiffeny Milbrett vs. Ukraine (July 10) 15.2%
Landon Donovan vs. Costa Rica (June 4) 9.8%
Landon Donovan vs. Cuba (July 7) 9.4%

Best Goal Celebration:
DaMarcus Beasley vs. Mexico (Sept. 3 31.4%
Tiffeny Milbrett's 100th Goal (July 10) 18.6%
U.S. MNT Win Gold Cup (July 24) 18%

Best Assist:
Landon Donovan vs. Guatemala (March 30) 23.5%
Aly Wagner vs. Germany (March 15) 22.1%
Claudio Reyna vs. Mexico (Sept. 3) 17%

Best Soccer Bar:
Ginger's Ale House (Chicago, Ill.) 54.9%
The Globe (Chicago, Ill.) 7.7%
Nevada Smith's (New York, N.Y.) 6.7%

Like I said above, no big surprises. However, I am thrilled that Tiffeny Milbrett got goal of the year. That was an outstanding goal for Tiffeny and for soccer. A wonder pass followed by a great pop over the top of the goalie.

I'm also happy that Landon Donovan got the assist of the year. That little backheel to Eddie Johnson was just beautiful.

You can view all the videos and pictures or listen to the podcast here.

Maybe US Soccer will start up a blog next year and then we could all vote for best blog entry of the year. I'm hoping it will be, something like, US Men Shock the World by Winning Group E or maybe, Seven Hour Parade for Men's National Team as They Return Home With the Cup! A boy can dream can't he?



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