Thursday, December 22, 2005

Maradona plays great game then gets arrested

Last night, the hand of god Diego Maradona played his first mach since his major health scare of 18 months ago.

The event was 'The Friends of Zico' match where new and former greats like Maradona Bebeto, Jorginho, Marcio Santos and Leonardo played against young Brazilian professionals. Maradona played for 68-minutes and showed moments of his former self. The 3000 spectators roared whenever he got the ball.

However, this morning he was arrested at the Rio airport for creating a disturbance. "Maradona allegedly argued with airport workers and then with authorities in one of the airport's VIP room, upset that the flight wasn't held for him. The former Argentina star allegedly tried to force his way on board, prompting airport workers to call authorities. A door at the VIP room was broken in the incident, and Maradona allegedly said he was going to pay for the damage, Melo said."

Authorities say that he will be released and should be back home in Argentina later today.

It's great to see someone turn their life around as much as Maradona has, but it is a shame that the whole airport incident happened. Whatever the reason behind this outburst might be, it is not good enough.


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