Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ghana wants Adu

The country of Ghana wants Freddy Adu for their side. Since Adu was born in Ghana and he has yet to play in any non-youth match for the US, this is possible (actually, even if he plays in a friendly for the senior squad it is still possible).

The coach of Ghana's Black Stars said, "We have decided to contact Adu to ask him to decide whether he would like to play for Ghana or the United States. In the coming days, he will be contacted by the football association."

So why now? Could this be some gamesmanship by Ghana ahead of their World Cup match with the US? I find it hard to believe that Adu would surrender his US chances even for greater playing time over the next couple years.

That said, Adu has not been secrete about wanting to play in Germany next year and his chances of getting there with the red, white and blue are slim at best. If he looks at the short term, this would be the better option, but long term, I think the US will give him more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess it depends on whether the boy feels like an American or still has ties to his homeland.. i'd like to think he'd turn out for whichever nation he felt belonged to him and not which will get most success as neither are going to win the World Cup anytime soon !

10:56 AM  

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