Friday, November 25, 2005

Some news on KC and San Jose

I'm sure all MLS fans were hoping to have some news by today about the future of the transferable two, but it looks like things are still up in the air. However, a decision has to be made soon or both sides are going to have real bad seasons next year no matter where they end up. Tickets need to get sold and excitement needs to build.

The KC Wizards got some good news, a site has been found for a soccer specific stadium, now they just need a team to play there. The KC Star reports, "A study released in October said a soccer complex in Johnson County, with a Wizards stadium as its centerpiece, could be an economic boon. But besides a few meetings, little progress has been made toward getting the project kick-started."

They were hoping to get construction of the site underway by April 2006, so things would be ready by MLS opening day 2008, but they want a commitment from the Wizards. However, the Wizards will not commit without a stadium. How dizzy it is.

Hopefully the recently mentioned local KC group will purchase the team and agree to move to the site in Johnson County.

So what about our other questionable side? The San Jose Earthquakes are still the San Jose Earthquakes. Yes, nothing has happened. However, Jeff Carlisle of ESPN weighs in with his thoughts on the matter. To sum up, it would be bad for everyone but AEG (the 'Quakes owners) if San Jose moved.

I think it would be great if San Jose kept their team and Houston got an expansion team, but if that doesn't happen and the 'Quakes end up in Texas, I think things will not be as bad as Carlisle suggest. I also think that the rivalry against LA could still stand plus they could get a new one against FC Dallas.


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