Tuesday, November 22, 2005

FC Dallas trades Scott Garlick

FC Dallas has sent goalkeeper Scott Garlick and midfielder Carey Talley to Real Salt Lake for a position of an allocation slot. Garlick was steady between the posts this year and keep FCD in the running for the West. They now have Jeff Cassar, who was looking good before his injury in August and Argentine Dario Sala who they picked up before the international transfer window closed during the summer.

Real served notice of their intention to get a new goalie when the by waiving D.J. Countess. This will mark the second time Garlick is brought in to replace Coutness. The first time was back before the 2004 season when Countess was sent to Chicago when Garlick came to big-D.

RSL head coach John Ellinger explain the situation as such:

"Obviously, [Countess] has been in the league awhile, but yet we felt that an opportunity presented itself for somebody like Scott -- getting that kind of experience, more experience than D.J. as far as organizing the defense, and just kind of being able to settle us down. That experience is something that we felt was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Knowing D.J. the way I know him, D.J. wouldn't be too happy in the backup role, so to speak. So it kind of made sense ... to get the veteran and an up-and-coming young 'keeper [Nolly]."

Jay Nolly saw 450 minutes of action during his rookie season.

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