Monday, November 21, 2005

Death threats, injuries and South Africa 2010

What do these three things have in common? Today they are all related to various World Cup news.

First the death threats.

Swiss international Benjamin Huggel (pictured) has received a number of threats of violence against himself and his family ever since the brawl that ended last week's WCQ with Turkey. Huggel attacked Turkey's assistant coach Mehmet Ozdilek during the chaos. The threats were sent via his personal website.

FIFA is looking over the incident, but Huggel feels he will be suspended for kicking Ozdilek.

Then there is the injury.

Real Madrid captain and Spanish international Raul Gonzalez seriously injured his left knee during yesterday's lose to Barcelona. Madrid said, "Raul is suffering from a tear in his external meniscus and a partial tear of his anterior cruciate ligament, as well as damage to his knee cap." This injury could keep him out of league play for up to three months. It also puts his ability to play in the World Cup in question.

And now South Africa.

South African President Thabo Mbeki and FIFA president Sepp Blatter laid the foundation for a new soccer facility today. FIFA will pay for the building that should be finished by next July. It will serve as headquarters of the 2010 World Cup organizing committee and the temporary home of FIFA during the tournament. At the dedication Blatter said, "It is time to build this house upon which foundation lies trust and confidence from FIFA that South Africa will host a good World Cup in 2010." When the 2010 Cup is over, the building will be the home of South Africa's FA.

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