Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Champions League Round 5 - Day 1 - Live

Bayern Munich 4-0 Rapid Vienna (FT)
Juventus 1-0 Club Brugge (FT)
Ajax Amsterdam 2-1 Sparta Prague (FT)
FC Thun 0-1 Arsenal (FT)

Barcelona 3-1 Werder Bremen (FT)
Panathinaikos 1-2 Udinese (FT)
Lille 0-0 Benfica (FT)
Man Utd 0-0 Villarreal (FT)

The matches are over.

Updating as things happen or every few minutes. Just hit reload on your browser. If it is taking a long time to reload, click here. This is just the live blogging page. You should be able to reload faster here. The Juventus and Arsenal matches have had little flare.

Update 24: Nigel de Jong scored a second for Ajax, but Martin Petras pulled one back for Sparta in the final moments of injury time.

Update 23: Robert Pires gets the pk for Arsenal.

Update 22: Udinese get two goals within three minutes to put them one up over Panathinaikos.

Update 21: Arsenal get a pk

Update 20: Juventus get the goal they have been looking for thanks to a great header by Alessandro Del Piero. Pavel Nedved centered.

Update 19: Bayern is slaughtering Vienna. Toy Makaay gets his second in 5 minutes to put his side up by 4.

Update 18: Frustration is on the rise for Man U after Van Nistelrooy fools Senna. Rooney gives a stupid foul just moments later. The magic from the first half seems to be gone.

Update 17: Bayern are well on their way after Roy Makaay puts them up by 3.

Update 16: After 16 shots, the 17th proves to be the big one for Ajax as they take the lead off a header by Nigel de Jong. Ajax has earned this goal.

Juventus is coming on strong in the second half with lots of shots.

Henrik Larsson gets a third for Barcelona. He can thank Ronaldinho for the center.

Update 15: The Man U match is starting to get out of hand as both sides are fouling just to foul.

Update 14: The crowd at Old Trafford is hushed as Man U cannot figure out Villarreal's defense.

Update 13: An injured Alexandre Song Billong is replaced by Francesc Fabregas for Arsenal

Update 12: Ali Karimi gets a great strike off a Bastian Schweinsteiger cross to give Bayern a second goal.

Update 11: Nestor Sensini gets a yellow for Udinese after a bad foul.

Halftime Update: Bayern Munich has looked good against Vienna, but there is some weakness on the backline that Vienna could exploit. Ajax has controlled the ball for 70% of the match and has had some mean looks at goal, but some how thaey have nothing to show for it.

Barcelona look ready to beat Werder. Lille seems to be having some trouble. Man U has brought a lot of attack, but Villarreal has been able to absorb it.

Update 10: Costas Charalambides gets the close in goal right before the half to put Panathinaikos on top.

Update 9: Mauro Lustrinelli gets a late yellow card for dissent for FC Thun as does Silvan Aegerter. Upset about an offside call.

Update 8: Bayern Munich and Rapid Vienna seem to be trading fouls at the moment.

Update 7: Wayne Rooney has been looking very sharp for Man U. They have been putting on the pressure. At some time, something is going to break.

Update 6: Ronaldinho flashes his big grin after scoring a long shot to put Barcelona back on top.

Update 5: Tim Borowski converts on a pk to tie the game for Werder Breme. Deumi Tchami gets a red card to put FC Thun down to 10.

Update 4: Sebastian Deisler nails a right footed shot from outside the box into the bottom left corner for Bayern Munich.

Update 3: Panathinaikos has controled the first 20 minutes of their game out shooting Udinese 7-0, but they cannot find net.

Update 2: Gabri Garcia sinks a left footed shot into the bottom right corner of goal to put Barcelona up by 1.

Update 1: Man U have come out shooting. They know they need a win and they are trying to get one early.


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