Monday, November 28, 2005

Racism in Italy - Cop dies in Cyprus soccer riot

The Italian Soccer Federation has decided to try and rid racism from the stadiums. This comes after Messina's Ivory Coast defender, Marc Andre Zoro, was insulted and booed by groups of Inter Milan fans during a Serie A match on Sunday.

Inter has apologized for the behavior, but further action could be taken against the club.

One thing the Federation has decided to do is start all Italian Cup and Serie A matches five minutes later this week. They will use that time to have players hold banners against racism at midfield.

I don't know if people holding signs will be able to stop racism, but I do applaud the Italian Federation for doing something. I just hope this is not all they do to stamp out the chants, but truth be told, if someone is going to be a racist ass, no set of fines or slogans is going to stop him from being a racist ass. Still, good luck with all your efforts.

In other news, a police officer died during a soccer riot in Cyprus on Saturday.

Marios Malekos, a 43-year-old riot police officer, is thought to have died of a heart attack in the southern town of Limassol when fans attacked police after the game between AEL Limassol and APOEL Nicosia.

The rioting broke out when fans of the home team gathered outside the stadium’s changing rooms after the game ended in a 1-1 draw and began throwing stones at riot police, who fired tear gas in return.

I really don't understand rioting after a soccer match (actually, I don't really get the whole rioting in general, but let's just stay focused on soccer). In this crazy world of ours were so many people need help and where so many big issues are being decided every day, why is the result of a soccer game something to riot over?


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