Monday, November 28, 2005

Chivas Guadalajara fire Coach

Looks like Bob Bradley won't be the newest coach in the Chivas organization for long since Chivas USA's sister club has also fired their coach. Guadalajara fired their Spanish coach Javier Azcargorta after a 3-0 defeat by Toluca on Saturday. This forced Chivas out of the Mexican league playoffs.

Azcargorta was only hired on in August but his results were a bit lacking. During his three months, the team won two, drew five and lost five resulting in a 13th place finish for his side. Needless to say Chivas owner Jorge Vergara wants more.

Some folks mentioned Hans Westerhof (the man Bob Bradley replaced at Chivas USA) as a strong contender for the job, but I just don't see that happening. How would Chivas Guadalajara fans react to the hiring of a coach that failed so badly in the US league? I'm going to guess not so well.


Blogger "El Tesoro" said...

Actually, I think Chivas would benefit from having Hans as leader of the team. Chivas fans in Mexico love Hans because he was the coach that brought the team back from ruin. It was under Hans Westerhof that the team reached it's only finals in a long time. Currently team owner Vergara is deciding who the new coach will be, but the names that sounds out the most are Hans and newly introduced Chepo de la Torre, who played with Chivas a few years ago. I personaly hope Westerhof takes over, but I have reasons to blv that Galindo will come back.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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