Monday, November 28, 2005

Let the investigation begin

FIFA announced the start of "the biggest disciplinary investigation in its history" today. They will look into the events that took place after the Turkey-Switzerland World Cup playoff.

FIFA says the enquiry in Zurich will involve interviewing more then 20 people including, "...the two national coaches, players, officials and technical staff from both countries."

They went on to say that due to, "...the scale of the inquiry and the possible sanctions we have to ensure that legally everything is done exactly right."

Right after the match, Swiss native and FIFA President Sepp Blatter suggested that Turkey could be banned from 2010 competition. He was rightly criticized for his statements. He has since changed his tone a bit to suggest both sides could be in trouble. He has promised that the investigation will be concluded by the World Cup draw on December 9, but also that both countries could be suspended if they are found guilty of gross misconduct.

If both teams were suspended, something I really don't think is going to happen, I'm guessing it would start after the World Cup. However, it would be very interesting to see what would happen if the Swiss were kicked out of the 2006 Cup.


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