Saturday, November 19, 2005

Brazilian match fixing games reinstated

The saga out of Brazil continues as a civil judge has reversed the ruling of the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF) by saying that all original results from the 11 matches that the CBF order replayed due to a match-fixing scandal, will stand. Seeing as most of the results from these 11 matches changed with the replay, this is a major change.

This order has not taken effect yet because the CBF has not officially been notified of the decision. However, once the results are reinstated, the table is going to shuffle. There is a strong possibility that this will change the league champion.

The judge made this ruling after it could not be proven that match fixing had happened in all 11 games. If the CBF do not obey this ruling, they will be fined 100,000 reals (US$45,600) per day.

With only three matches left in the Brazilian league, I'm sure many will be happy when this season ends. No matter who stands on top of the table, they will always be viewed as tainted champions.


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