Saturday, November 19, 2005

San Jose gets another week to keep the 'Quakes

Earlier in the week, San Jose Earthquakes owner AEG indicated that this past Friday would be the day that they would decide where the team would play next season. However, AEG spokesman Michael Roth now says that Friday was a goal, not a deadline. Whatever it was, it seems like it has worked in some way since there seems to be a sudden growth in interest in keeping the 'Quakes in the area.

It seems that talks have focused on having the team play in near by Santa Clara, with Councilman Kevin Moore saying that there are two sites in Santa Clara that could host a stadium.

Back in San Jose, Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez said that they are looking at a plan to keep the Earthquakes, but he added that, "It's not done. My hope was we could have something by Monday or Tuesday.'' As with most things, that probably means nothing till after Thanksgiving.

It seems one of the major problems with building a stadium in San Jose is the need for public approval via a vote to make it happen. Oh democracy, why do you hate soccer so?

Anyway, this can only been seen as good news for fans in San Jose. By the way, the article also mentions the possibility of Ajax taking part in the ownership of the club. Good to see that getting some media attention.


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