Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Champions League Part 2 - Day 2

Here are the matches for today.

Anderlecht v Real Betis
FC Porto v Artmedia Bratislava
Fenerbahce v PSV
Inter Milan v Rangers
Liverpool v Chelsea
Real Madrid v Olympiacos
Rosenborg v Lyon
Schalke 04 v AC Milan

The big match of all these has got to be the Liverpool-Chelsea meeting. The Reds and the Blues striking it up again. Can Liverpool give Chelsea their first defeat of the season or will the Blues get revenge on the team that sent them out of last year's compitition?

It will also be interesting to see what Real Madrid can do against Olympiacos. They should be able to handle them, but Real should be able to do a lot of things.


Final scores
Anderlecht 0-1 Real Betis
FC Porto 2-3 Artmedia Bratislava
Fenerbahce 3-0 PSV
Inter Milan 1-0 Rangers
Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea
Real Madrid 2-1 Olympiacos
Rosenborg 0-1 Lyon
Schalke 04 2-2 AC Milan

Chelsea and Liverpool battle to a 0-0 tie. A little less then one would hope, but an unexpected result none the less.


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